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Construction: Friday Night

Between twenty and thirty (I didn't take a close count) people came to Friday night's Dessert Social at ConStruction, hosted by SFSFC. As expected, some were local fans who wanted to come and socialize, but will not be able to attend the rest of the convention. Others will be here for one or two of the conference's two official days.

I'm still getting the hang of using this camera. I'm trying to take as many shots as I can without the flash, but sometimes that means the shots are a bit too dark even in a reasonably well-lit room

Here David Gallaher (left) and Craige Howlett have a heart-to-heart talk about something. But who is making whom an offer he can't refuse?

As the reception broke up, some of us went down to the restaurant and had a late snack. I had some calamari, although maybe I should not have eaten anything at all. I had a 188 blood sugar this evening one hour after dinner on account of having no time to exercise. I therefore had to cast a covetous eye upon the tray of desserts and limit myself to a couple of cups of tea with Splenda and one small cookie.

Then it was up to my hotel room. For some reason, they put me in a handicapped-accessible room. I called down to make sure I wasn't taking a room away from anyone, and let them know I didn't need the accessible room. They assured me it was okay. It may have been the only non-smoking king room left when I checked in. Gosh, this is a huge room. It feels like it could hold two of the rooms we had at the Mission Valley Marriott at Westercon. Not that I'm offering to host a room party in my room at ConStruction, mind you, but if I was, this is a good room for it.

I did buy the internet access (but I'll be charging my company for it), and found some work-related e-mail sent to me from our Chicago office and time-stamped 10:50 PM their time. I spent about an hour dealing with their issue and sending back questions -- they'll probably be working on this tomorrow -- then dumped the photos out of the camera.

Fortunately for me, I don't have a panel first thing tomorrow; however, I do want to attend the programming. That's the main point of this conference, after all.
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