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Construction: Saturday Morning

Breakfast was a bit rushed because of dealing with work stuff. Fortunately, there is nothing needs delivering today, so I can actually sit in programming rather than stay in my hotel room. There is wireless in the public areas, and just barely enough in the function room, so I can get a weak web connection, not a solid VPN connection to my company.

ConStruction is low-key. Because con registrar Cindy Scott's office moved this weekend, she handed registration (one small box of stuff) to me, and I am the Floating Registration Desk. There are expected to be between 20 and 30 total attendees.

I took some pictures, but they don't look very interesting to me. Really, we're mostly sitting around a couple of function rooms discussing nuts and bolts convention planning issues.

When we took lunch, I heard that a bunch of people were going off to an Indian restaurant near the Fairmont. After putting my stuff in my hotel room, I hot-footed it over there, only to learn (via a phone call from David Gallaher) that they'd gone to Peggy Sue's (where I had eaten breakfast) instead. Oh, well, I need more exercise.
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