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Home Again, Hooray

We got away from Rancho Cordova in good time, made it up to Placerville without incident, and went out to breakfast with my friend Rick and his wife, where they seated us at the same table at the same restaurant where we went after his wedding. After a very enjoyable breakfast and conversation with them, Lisa and I set off for home via US-50 and South Lake Tahoe. Lisa did the driving and I got to watch the scenery, which I don't get to do that often.

Including stops at South Lake Tahoe for a rest, a brief look-in at the Nevada State Railroad Museum (we have the memberships; we might as well use them), and groceries in Reno, we got home a bit after 7 PM. We're both quite tired. Once the house cools down sufficiently (it was above 30°C inside when we got home) I expect to collapse into bed, because I do have to work tomorrow. Fortunately, my commute is short.
Tags: lisa, travel, work

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