Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Photos From the Drive Home

We do not drive from home to the Bay Area or back via US-50 very often, but we did so on Sunday because we started in Placerville, having visited my friend Rick. As I mentioned on Sunday, Lisa did most of the driving. I had the opportunity to take pictures, but actually only took one.

US 50 Approaching Lake Tahoe

This is the view on US-50 heading down from Echo Summit into the Tahoe Basin. There were many other pretty views along the way, but I decided to just sit back and enjoy them.

We're really glad we were not going the other way. The going-home-from-the-lake traffic was backed up for many miles. We had a few stretches of slow traffic, and a slog through South Lake Tahoe itself (partially due to the big golf tournament that was going on along the lake that weekend), but otherwise the drive was relatively smooth.

McKeen Car

The Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City was along our line of travel, and we needed a rest stop anyway. The McKeen car was running as we drove in and took this picture at the grade crossing. We skipped the chance to ride the McKeen car this time, and make only a brief stop to use the restroom and see if there were any new books in the museum store. We got away cheaply this time.

Rail Gun

I don't remember this display before, although apparently they've had it for a long time.

The direct route home would have been to take US-50 to Sliver Springs, but we had shopping we had to do, so we continued up US-395 (taking the low road, not the high road on I-580) to do our shopping and then head home.

Tomorrow I have to take the van into Sparks. Lisa thinks there is a crack in the muffler, and we certainly want that fixed before we head for Kansas City.
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