Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Beating the Heat in Reno

This week has been very hot, with daytime highs up to 40°C in Fernley and no air conditioning except the swamp cooler. It's been livable, but only just. Yesterday, I suggested to Lisa that we go into Reno after work and take in a Reno Aces baseball game, because they were hosting the Sacramento RiverCats, The San Francisco Giants' AAA affiliate. She agreed, and off we went. It was so hot that the AC in the minivan could only barely keep up even when on max cool. (I wish I had time to take it to an AC specialist and make sure it is fully charged.)

As is our usual practice, we parked in the Circus Circus garage and walked to the ball park. As we did so, we could see some heavy cloud rolling in. This cooled things somewhat, but also raised the prospect of being rained out again, like our last Aces game. We got two upper infield seats, and they were a good view, looking down from over the first base side. The clouds moved off, which wasn't as good as we might have liked because we were in direct sunlight, but only for 30 minutes or so as the sun sank behind the casinos of downtown Reno.

Nice Night for a Ball Game

Here's the view from our seats. Getting the highest row has the added advantage that there's a small concrete shelf behind you, which gives you a place to set down your food. Lisa sent me off to get us hamburgers (1/2 pounders, hers with beef brisket and mine with blue cheese) and "endless" soda.

The first few innings were scoreless, but the Aces broke it open, scoring five runs in a 5th inning, and the RiverCats were playing catch-up. A comeback was possible. They clawed back one run in the sixth, they had some top-flight players on the roster.

Hunter Pence at the Plate

That's Hunter Pence, on a rehab assignment before he heads back to the Big Show. My timing was slightly off on this photo. A second later and I would have gotten the brush-back pitch that sent him sprawling as he jumped back to avoid it. Pence got one hit on Thursday night. There were a bunch of other players I recognized from their stints playing with San Francisco as well.

Seventh Inning Stretch

The Seventh Inning Stretch is led by this big fellow who looms over the center field wall. I sang along, but had to leave out the part about the home team or Aces, and couldn't figure out how to scan "RiverCats" to it.

Lisa and I were not the only people turned out in our Giants gear. It doesn't match the RiverCats' kit, which is red and black, but you got the idea.

Alas for us Giants fans-by-proxy, the RiverCats were unable to mount a big comeback, and the final was 5-1 Aces. Still, we got very lucky with the weather, and it was much cooler than it was back at home in Fernley. The burgers were good, too. And with only about 9,000 seats in the stadium, you can get a great seat for the price of a nosebleed special at the big league parks.
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