Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Looking for Amendment Co-Sponsor

As I wrote a while back, I think the second part of the pending WSFS Constitutional Amendment "The Five Percent Solution" was added by mistake. (My fault, too; I composed it!) It was not intended to change the floor value for including works in the Section 3.11.4 "They Also Ran" long list. It was intended only to remove the minimum percentage of nominating votes necessary to make the short list.

I intend to move during the Main Business Meeting (it can't be done during the Preliminary Meeting because it's a pending ratification) to strike out the second section of the amendment. That has the affect of leaving Section 3.11.4 unchanged. (When you strike out a strike-out, you leave the original text unchanged; this can get confusing, which is why we try to avoid doing it.) I think that this is a lesser change because it would leave the WSFS Constitution in a state closer to its current form than the pending ratification contemplates.

I need at least one MidAmeriCon II member to second this motion. It's not a new constitutional amendment, but an amendment to the ratification of a pending proposal. If at least one person puts up their hand today (the deadline for submitting business), I'll submit it as a foreshadowed amendment in order to (I hope) get it on the agenda in advance. Otherwise, I'll make the motion from the floor on the day and hope for a second there.

If you want to second this amendment, comment here or e-mail me or send me a LiveJournal message.

Update, 11:00 PT: Three co-sponsors have appeared from various sources. Thank you!
Tags: business meeting, hugo awards, worldcon, wsfs

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