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Still on Half Capacity

Unfortunately, my mechanic was unable to find the leak in the fuel system on the Rolling Stone. The smaller (15 gallon) forward tank still works. If you turn the fuel selector to the larger (20 gallon) rear tank, you soon thereafter get a strong smell of gasoline and you can almost watch the fuel gauge drop, but only when driving down the road; that is, it doesn't leak appreciably when idling.

We would have left the RV with my mechanic for the entire five weeks I'll be gone when I leave the Bay Area next, but his landlord has laid down the law and said all vehicles must be off his lot this weekend for repaving work. So I'll limp home on the single tank (this means refueling two or three times rather than once; the RV only gets 8-10 miles per gallon) and we'll make arrangements with him to have it on a future trip.

Discussing this with Lisa, she suggested that I stay in the Bay Area on Friday night (thus working a full day rather than rushing off mid-morning), take my time coming home, avoiding traffic by driving on Saturday, and visiting my sister for a little longer rather than feeling time pressure. (Today is, incidentally, my sister's birthday. I hope the card I sent her got there on time. Lisa spotted that I'd left the stamp off and thus it mailed a day later than originally planned, but that's better than bouncing completely.) Lisa said, "I'm not trying to keep you away!" Her plan makes sense, and also gives me a chance to get a haircut from my barber in Fremont before heading to Sacramento on Saturday morning. Besides, with me being away from the office for the next five weeks (three work-from-home, two vacation), it's probably best to be as visible at the office as possible for as long as possible, especially when I have co-workers who seem to think that "work from home" means "sit around doing nothing."
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