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Construction: Saturday Afternoon

The afternoon session got a little disorganized, with most of the attendees getting involved in a hands-on workshop that turned into a walk-the-halls-of-the-Convention Center exercise, while a relatively small number of us stayed to talk about hotel housing bureaus, a discussion that turned more into hotel horror stories.

Although between 20 and 30 people have attended the conference, we have not had the breadth of convention attendance that I hoped for. It's mostly FanimeCon and SFSFC people, with almost none of the other conventions of the area being represented except for a couple folks from SiliCon. This is unfortunate. I know there are good reasons, including we at SFSFC not doing the best job of reaching out to as many groups as we could have done, and the utter impossibility of picking a weekend where one of these groups isn't doing something. Still, while ConStruction has a strong FanimeCon present -- FanimeCon's support keeps the con going as much as the original SFSFC sponsorship -- ConStruction is meant to be more than just a FanimeCon training session. We'll have to do some thinking about how to go about broadening the attendance for future years.
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