Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Neato Keno

Sunday afternoon, Lisa and I drove into Sparks to get the oil changed in the Astro at Jiffy Lube. While we were there, I had them do an air conditioner check as well, inasmuch as it seemed to me like the AC wasn't putting out as much cool as it should. They did say we were were down a bit on coolant, and it was certainly putting out lots of cold air when we left.

Hot August Nights ended on Sunday, so we decided to risk going over to the Peppermill for dinner. (We avoid Reno during Hot August Nights because it's too crowded.) Things were mostly back to the normal Sunday night, although the price was of the Saturday night buffet. We were able to get our regular table. A lot of the staff are starting to recognize us.

As usual, I marked my normal keno ticket. We usually play five games, which covers most of dinner, and sometimes we win back some of the $10 the ticket costs. Tonight we got a lot more. During the third game, I looked up and saw that I'd gotten 4/7, which is good, particularly as this is a "way" ticket marked as a 1, 2, 4, and 7-spot ticket. (Don't worry if you don't understand what that means.) In this case, it meant that I'd hit a 4 out of 4 ticket, which would be enough to pay for dinner. Then I looked at the board more closely. When you throw in the other numbers, I'd hit 6 out of 7, the best win I've every had in my life. This ticket won $271!

(It's a pity that last number didn't hit, because if it had, I would have won more than $4000.)

The keno runner came by and said, "You look happy," consulted her book, and told me how much I'd won. Then she gave me the even better new: the Peppermill has a Sunday night promotion for anyone in their players club who plays keno between 5-10 PM. The biggest winner of the night gets a $500 bonus prize, and my $271 put me on the top of the leader board! All I had to do was stay until 10 PM and have nobody beat my win.

We'd intended to go shopping after dinner, and there was actually enough time to do so and still come back before 10 PM. (You have to claim the bonus no later than 10:30 and must be present to win.) So we went and did some of our shopping, although one of the stores had already closed. We came back to the Peppermill and at 8:30 were still leading, so we went and played slots for a while using some of the "house money." We even managed to come out $5 ahead on that.

At about 9:10, I went and checked the leader board again: $460. Darn! Someone beat us for the bonus prize. Oh, well, it did mean we could go home, which was good because I was very tired. Lisa drove us home.

Even with a $10 tip to the keno runner and a larger-than-usual dinner tip, we still came out around $250 ahead for the night. That means the keno winnings paid for dinner and for the oil change and AC service on the minivan, and then some.

That was some pretty good luck! Unfortunately, it was counteracted by some bad luck related to the air conditioning about which more tomorrow.
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