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SFSFC Board Meeting

After the afternoon session, it was time for the dinner break, but for those of us who are SFSFC directors it was a working dinner, as we went to the hotel's restaurant, where we'd reserved the private dining room, and had the regular SFSFC Board of Directors meeting over dinner. We did however take a recess when the food arrived. Having a medium-hard deadline of 8 PM, when the evening programming started, did help to keep us a bit more focused than usual, and we ground our way through the agenda.

We continue to persue a bid for the Harry Potter Symposium sanctioned by Harry Potter Educational Fanon. This year's event in Las Vegas is called Lumos 2006.

We also continue to express our interest in a future World Fantasy Convention somewhere in the Bay Area. That committee continues its work.

We set up several more committees to look into other conventions (no, we are not bidding for a Worldcon, darnit!) or other activities that SFSFC might want to get involved with organizing. These plans are sufficiently diffuse that it's not worth a lot to talk about them until the committees have had a chance to study the situation and report back to us.

We did also agree to a minor administration change to the SMOFCon Scholarships. The $500 scholarships will be issued as $450 up front and $50 when we get the after-con report on the scholar's experience. The Board wants to see those reports, even if they're negative (one has been), because it's the only significant feedback we get about what we're doing, so we put some incentive into it.
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