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Easing Into Worldcon

My plans of sleeping in this morning were torpedoed by an e-mail received shortly after my last post reminding me that the CanSMOF (Montreal) board of directors was meeting this morning. I met up with my fellow board members, we went to breakfast, and dealt with accumulated business.

On the way back to the hotel, where Lisa was able to sleep in, I took a picture of the banners on the streets around the convention center that welcome MidAmeriCon II to Kansas City.

KC Welcomes Worldcon

It's nice to feel welcome. There was also a good article about Worldcon published yesterday by someone who had been paying attention.

After some of the lightning-fast internet connections at the IHG hotels along our route of travel here this past week, the trickle of bandwidth we have here in Kansas City (upload/download speeds of <1 MBPS) is disappointing. It also means we may not be able to upload the high-definition versions of the Business Meeting videos after all, or at least not until we get somewhere with enough bandwidth to be able to do the job.

Today, if possible, Lisa and I need to go confirm that the room designated for this year's WSFS meetings is set up correctly for the video recording. Also, after the Opening Ceremonies is the WSFS Mark Protection Committee Meeting. The MPC meeting has been put in a room vastly larger than it needs to be, but that's because the room in question is sitting idle at 6 PM today and the convention has no small board rooms available for 15-person gatherings, so we'll make do.

I anticipate donning my WSFS captain's uniform sometime this afternoon, Opening Ceremonies being a "formal occasion" and all that.
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