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It's Unofficial: San Jose Wins 2018 Worldcon

I made it to my Site Selection voting shift on time for 5 PM. There was a steady stream of last-minute voters, but no long queue when the nearby "volcano" erupted as scheduled at 6 PM.

Worldcon Volcano Erupts

The eruption of the volcano was the signal to close voting. Soon afterwards, the four bids (two for NASFiC and two for Worldcon) and the Site Selection administrators formed a fairly large procession from the Convention Center to the Marriott, where two rooms awaited us for the counting of the ballots. Clouds were rolling in over Kansas City, although it wasn't getting much cooler.

We spent the next couple of hours going through the ballots, with representatives of both bids plus one of the administrators having to agree on how to count the ballots. Then we totaled each table (one table for each voting day, with ballots received by mail counting as one day) and totaled up the rest.

The results won't be official until after the Business Meeting on Saturday receives the results, but San José outpolled New Orleans 675-594. It was slightly closer than it appears, because due to write-ins and such, the winner needed 651 to get a majority.

Meanwhile, next door, it proved to be the year of the Sans, as San Juan, Puerto Rico won over Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to host the 2017 NASFIC.

After agreeing to hold off saying anything about the results for an hour or so to allow the losing bids to contact their own people, we began to disperse. By prior arrangement, the Worldcon ballot box went to the winning bid. (There's no point in shipping it back and forth to Helsinki.) Because I already am the custodian of the Ballot Box of Westercon (used for NASFiC this year), I took both of them, nesting them together.

By this time, a storm had moved in. To avoid the rain, I walked across the skybridge from the Marriott to the Muehlebach, then down to their basement to the parking garage, then over to the entrance to the adjacent Aladdin and back up to the room, stopping at the minivan to store the ballot box.

It was just short of 10 PM, and I wanted something from the grocery store. I ran down to the store, getting pretty wet in the process.

I should gone to bed, but I was pretty excited, even though I'm just the WSFS division manager for San José and so I headed back to the convention center for a while.

Worldcon Costumes

This lovely costumer let me take her picture despite the stifling heat in the underground walkway between the Aladdin and the Convention Center.

Sasquan Thank You Party

One of the many parties going on in the Fan Fair was the Final Sasquan Party, as the 2015 Worldcon bade farewell with a last party at Worldcon.

I spent a bit more than an hour over at the parties, including doing the happy dance a few times over winning the 2018 bid, but we eventually pulled ourselves away and returned to the hotel. Sunday looks to be a long day for me, starting with the Business Meeting setup from 8 AM and ending with the Hugo Awards coverage from just before 8 PM. I wonder if I could possibly get a nap tomorrow afternoon?
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