Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Worldcon 2016 Day 4: From Hugos to Hugos

The WSFS Business Meeting ran the full three hours scheduled, and would have run longer if possible.


A few minutes before the call to order, the room was starting to fill up.

We discussed a bunch of stuff on Saturday, but I'm so fried as I compose this that I can't remember anything. But the debate on 3 Stage Voting, of which I'm a co-sponsor, got postponed to tomorrow because a complex amendment was proposed but was too complex to work on the fly.

We adjourned for the day just before 1 PM, leaving a whole lot of stuff left to argue on Sunday. For the second year in a row, we have a Sunday Business Meeting. After the 1 PM adjournment we rearranged the room for the Worldcon Chairs Photo Shoot.

Lisa video taped the chairs after the still photos were taken. I'll post still photos to Flickr later.

After getting the Business Meeting videos uploaded and the gear packed, we locked up the room, trudged to the hotel, stored our gear, then went back to the convention center to have lunch and spend the roughly three hours we had "free" today.

Costumes at Worldcon

Some people were having fun.

San Jose Registration Queue

Others were queued to buy memberships to Worldcon 76 in San Jose.

MidAmerCon II GOHS Exhibit

The Guest of Honor exhibit for Michael Swanwick includes a fez. That's mine, donated from "Feztercon," the San Mateo Westercon of some years ago. I transported the fez out to Kansas City in the Ballot Box of Westercon & NASFiC.

After a too-short time in the convention hall, I went back to the hotel while Lisa stayed with her friend pcornelius. Knowing that I would get no dinner tonight, I grabbed a pulled pork sandwich from the food trucks lined up outside the convention center and inhaled it while getting dressed for the Hugo Awards Ceremony. I then returned to the Convention Center and the Grand Ballroom Pat Cadigan Theatre.

Hugo Awards Stage

Here's what the stage looked like just before the doors opened to the general membership. When I arrived, the good news was that there was indeed (as requested) a row of chairs with a couple of tables forward of the tech nest, so we had a place from which to work for the CoverItLive broadcast. The bad news is that there was nearly no bandwidth available, via multiple paths and devices.

Cheryl Morgan saved the day, from her position as the third member of the coverage team working from her home in the UK, where it was the wee hours of the morning. She brought the CIL-cast online and covered things via the UStream feed until CIL gave Mur Lafferty and me enough to actually join the broadcast. Cheryl then also posted the 2016 Hugo Awards results to the web site and also the detailed statistics. She was a hero!

Kevin Standlee & Mur Lafferty

Mur and I posed for this photo after the ceremony. Everything was just fine once CoverItLive actually loaded, but it shouldn't have taken 40-plus minutes to load!

Study in B&W

After the ceremony there were plenty of photo opportunities, including this one of Ashlee Jacobson and Scott Edelman, sporting studies in black and white.

I'd really like to write more including an analysis of the Hugo Awards results, but I'm exhausted and have to be up again at 6 AM for the fourth and final WSFS Business Meeting, plus a WSFS MPC meeting after that. I sort of wish we were staying Monday night as well as Sunday because then we could sleep in Monday morning rather than having to push on toward home.
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