Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

2016 Worldcon Road Trip Day 8: Pratt KS to Pueblo CO [Watch This Space]

Today was one of the longer legs of the trip, and we not only started late, but also took more time along the way to look at things. Consequently, even with the time change coming in to Colorado, we still were quite late getting to the hotel in Pueblo.

I'm just too zonked to give today the full treatment. There are a number of photos on my Flickr account. I hope to go back later to write about them, but it's often been difficult to do if I don't do it the same evening.

We stopped in Greenburg, Kansas to buy some postcard stamps (I've been sending postcards to my sister during the road trip), and when the Astro wouldn't restart (because it doesn't like to start when its warm) we decided to go visit the town's major attraction: The Big Well.

We continued on to Dodge City. We originally intended to spend several hours here, but limited ourselves to having lunch, looking a a few train-related things, and then Getting Out of Dodge.

Our line of travel today mostly paralleled the original Santa Few main line. That includes Lamar CO, which is one of a number of places we stopped where I think we could have spent a day exploring.

It was after dark when we passed through La Junta CO, the division point on the BNSF Railroad. There we had some excitement: The BNSF Business Train was parked at the BNSF yard office there.

The rest of the drive was mainly just pushing onward in the dark until we got to Pueblo, where we arrived just barely in time to be able to order a pizza for delivery and settle in for a two-night stay.

Tomorrow we go to Cañon City and ride the Royal Gorge Railroad. Thus I cannot stay up any longer and answer e-mail, write LJ posts, or deal with WSFS business. I am at least theoretically on vacation, after all.

If I find the time to go back and put the photos in to this post, I'll post in my main timeline that it has been updated.
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