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ConStruction: Sunday

Today's program consisted of Sunday "Networking" Brunch, followed by panels and workshops on networking and strategic planning, then a wrap-up session. I was again the Portable Registration Desk, and -- knowing that we were going to have a few Sunday-only attendees -- asked co-chair Craige Howlett what a Sunday-only membership was. He looked at me like I'd suddenly sprouted a second head. I said, "It'll be twenty dollars unless you say differently, because there's only about one-third the programming today that there was yesterday. He said that was okay, so I dealt with people like bovil accordingly.

In the feedback session, people generally said they found the panels and workshops valuable, although they wondered why the workshops (which usually immediately followed a panel on the same subject) were always in a different room than the panel. This turned out to be deliberate, and would have been more obvious if the hotel had set the "workshop" room the way originally requested, with several round tables instead of lecture-style-with-head-table. I once again encouraged people to apply for the SMOFCon scholarships, there was a final round of thank-yous, and then we were done. Many people stuck around to go hang out in the bar or go to dinner, but I had to go home. It's been a long weekend.

I'd write more and point people to photos; however, the photos are only on my camera, I'm out of room on my own LJ account and want to post the photos to the SFSFC ConStruction web site first, and I'm very, very tired and need to get a few things done for work before falling into bed and getting up early tomorrow for yet another early-morning conference call. Photos of ConStruction will have to wait.
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