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2016 Worldcon Road Trip Day 11: Golden CO to Green River UT

Today was a mostly non-rail tourism day, as we needed to put miles behind us and get to Utah.

Welcome to Utah

Our ultimate destination tonight was Green River, Utah, and one of the smaller Holiday Inn Express properties at which we have stayed. It's also another one at which refrigerators are optional; fortunately, they were able to get us a room with a fridge. Food options here are limited; however, we still were carrying a fair bit of stuff with us. Unfortunately, the Dave's Bread we bought in Kansas City had to be thrown out as it was getting moldy.

To get to Green River meant traversing a lot of Colorado, including our one train-related stop.

Into the Rockies

Around 10:30, we set out from Golden on I-70 and into the Rockies.

Georgetown Loop Railroad

We stopped at Silver Plume, the upper end of the Georgetown Loop Railroad. We rode this train on our trip back from the 2008 Worldcon in Denver. Although we arrived at Silver Plume just as a train was coming in, we decided that we simply could not afford the time to ride this attractive train. As it is, we ended up making the right decision.

After our short stop at the Georgetown Loop RR, we continued west. Scenery was lovely, and we got a very good lunch. And then I pulled a goof that cost us an hour.

Twin Tunnels

We headed through the Eisenhower-Johnson Tunnels under the roof of the Rockies and headed down the other side.

DRGW Caboose

In Eagle, Colorado, we stopped at the rest area/tourism information center, which also houses the county historical society. On display there was this former Denver & Rio Grande caboose.

Dairy Wagon

The small historical museum was also interesting.

Linotype Machine

Imagine trying to do the convention newsletter on this monster.

We stopped for lunch at Expert Burger, where the food was excellent. Lisa had the salmon burger (travelswithkuma approves) with onion rings and I had one of their Angus burgers with fries chased with Parmesan cheese, parsley, and white truffle oil. This place was well worth getting off the freeway for a sit-down lunch, and should we come this way again, I think we'll want to definitely considering coming here again for lunch.

Glenwood Canyon

After lunch, we set out once again, as I-70 heads into Glenwood Canyon.

Glenwood Canyon

Click through to see other views of this. We've been here before, both by car and on board Amtrak's California Zephyr, which traverses this line on its daily trips between Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Roughly 25 miles east of Eagle, we stopped at the Grizzly Creek Rest Area. I reached for my hat. Which was not there. We're used to Kuma Bear hiding my hat, but this was serious. Upon consideration, I had a bad feeling that I knew were it was. I called Expert Burger. Sure enough, I'd left my Australian Jacaru hat behind.

Glenwood Canyon

So we got to see Glenwood Canyon from the eastbound lanes of I-70 as well as we doubled back to Eagle.

Eagle Colorado

My hat was sitting there waiting for me at Eagle. My absent-mindedness only cost us about an hour or so of delay. I enjoyed the view of Glenwood Canyon, but not so much that I wanted to do it three times in one day.

After the unexpected delay after lunch in Eagle, we pressed on for Green River.

Mesas in Colorado

There are a lot of views like this on this stretch of I-70.

Mesas in Colorado

If you like stupendous rock formations, this is a good place to see them.

Mesa Near Grand Junction

At Grand Junction (called because of a joining of rivers, not railroads), we stopped for gas. We were about three hours behind schedule. I asked Lisa if she was good for another 100 miles of driving, or if we needed to stop for the night here. She said to press on.

Mordor Ahead

I-70 in eastern Utah is not quite as visually interesting as its western Colorado counterpart, but is not without some points of interest. In particular, this view taken as we neared Green River suggested to us a caption of "Mordor Lies Ahead."

We got into Green River much later than we planned. On a previous train trip, we overheard a conductor on the Zephyr dealing with a woman who had boarded the train without a ticket at Helper UT. He offered to take her as far as Grand Junction, but she said she wanted off at Green River. He strongly urged against this. Having had a look at Green River by road, we tend to agree. But we're only here for one night. Tomorrow we traverse the rest of Utah on our way to Wendover and our final night on the road.
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