Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Preemptive Repairs

The starter switch on the Rolling Stone has been getting reluctant to start the RV. It's not a problem with the starter itself, but with the key switch. It works, but sometimes it won't always engage. The key switch on the steering column needs to be replaced, and I hope to have my mechanic in Fremont deal with it after he tracks down the problem with the fuel tanks that prevents me from using half of the vehicle's fuel capacity. In the meantime, Lisa decided that having me stuck without being able to start the RV was a Bad Thing (she's right) and installed an auxiliary starter switch. There is now a button under the dash that will engage the starter motor. It won't actually start the RV unless the key is in the ON position, and of course the steering column lock would prevent you from driving it away unless you had the key anyway, and that's just fine. I'm think I may start using that until I have the key switch replaced anyway.
Tags: lisa, rolling stone, rv

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