Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Ton (and a Half) of Concrete

Over the past several days, we have made four trips to Lowe's (which was running a Labor Day Weekend sale) to purchase the same item over and over again. That's because the individual items are so heavy that I did not want to risk breaking the rear axle on the minivan trying to carry them all at once. The utility trailer is out of service until Lisa can get a chance to check the bearings and see if it's still roadworthy; otherwise we could have got it all at once.

A Ton (and a Half) of Concrete

That's what 1400 kg of concrete sacks looks like. Of course, we could only move it one sack at a time, but now it's piled on a pallet in the garage out of any weather.

Buying now saved us about $56 off what would have been about a $160 purchase. It is now stockpiled for a future project. Given how good the discount is, we might even go get eight more bags, inasmuch as if we have extra when we're finished, there are other spots on the property where we can use it.
Tags: house, lisa

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