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Good Day to Drive, Bad Day to Drive

I got away from Fernley House about 9 AM yesterday morning, on a nice clear late-summer morning, looking forward to an uneventful drive to the Bay Area, where I have to work these next two weeks.

Note to self: Never drive from home to the Bay Area on Labor Day.

I hadn't really consider the effect of go-home traffic from Nevada to the Bay Area, multiplied by the people leaving Burning Man. It took me six hours to go the 150 miles to Sacramento. There was a mile-long tail-back from the Agricultural Inspection Station near Truckee, even with four lanes open. I quipped to the inspector, "I might be the only RV you see today that isn't coming from The Burn." He laughed. Beyond the station, it was still wall-to-wall traffic. I could have walked from the Ag station to downtown Truckee faster than I drove.

Up and over Donner Summit was not much better. It was a rotten slog most of the way, with pockets of stop-and-go all the way.

I've never encountered this issue before because I've either been away at Worldcon during this time of the year or have worked from home the week following Labor Day. The latter is what I wanted to do, but Day Jobbe has other plans.
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