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Concrete: First Pour

I mentioned about a month ago that we had bought concrete mix for a home improvement project. Yesterday we finally got the first step done. Because neither of us have done this before, the first thing to do was a test pour covering about one square meter (by about 10 cm deep) underneath the stairs. From this, we learned how to mix the concrete (not more than two sacks at a time, mixed by hand in a wheelbarrow) and Lisa got her first experience in finishing, which she did as I cleaned the wheelbarrow and tools.

Concrete Test Pour

Here's what it looked like shortly after finishing, after Lisa handed over the tools for me to clean.

Today, it appears to have hardened well. It will take some days before it completely dries. Lisa's plan is to eventually fence off this area under the stairs and use it to store propane bottles and other flammable items so she doesn't have to keep them in the garage/workshop.

Now we hope to put this knowledge to work on the main project, about which more when it's done because I don't want to jinx it.
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