Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Segment 4: Almost Routine

We seem to be getting this concrete stuff down. Today's pour took eight more bags of Quikrete®, and it seemed to go faster as we got into the pattern of mixing and pouring. Although mixing the concrete is tiring, I find it easier than the fine work Lisa has been doing getting a good finish and a smooth edge on the segments.

Segment 4

Here's what it looked like when we finished about 4:30 PM. You can see the previous three segments in various stages of curing. (All three are hard enough to walk on and have been for a while, but it will take a bit longer for them to dry out completely.)

Start of Segment 4

This was what it looked like just before we started mixing concrete, after Lisa removed the form at the end of Segment 3 and before she fitted the cardboard dividers insulating the existing concrete from the new pour.

Segment 4

Looking the other way after we finished, you can see the form of the final segment, with the extra from today's job already poured into the form. The final pour will complete the widening and bring the widened carport down to the concrete that leads to the pedestrian gate at this end of the property.

Thanks to working out the proper routine, we were less tired at the end of the day today than we had been a couple of days ago. We have thirteen bags of concrete left, and none of our pours have needed more than eight, so we should be good to go to the end tomorrow. That's good, because there's rain in the forecast for Friday, so we needed to finish laying all of the concrete by the end of the day tomorrow anyway to give it enough time to set before the rain arrives.
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