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Day Trip to Sacramento

We are working on another home-improvement project about which I'm not going to write until we get it progressed further. A large order of parts for it was sent to the nearest distributor, which was in south Sacramento. We drove to Sacramento today intending to collect it. Unfortunately, I had more Day Jobbe intrusion on my "vacation" (I've worked on Day Jobbe at least an hour every day this week!) and we got away late, and the powerful Pacific storm dropped a lot of rain on us as we crossed the Sierra. No snow yet, thank goodness.

By the time we got to Sacramento, the afternoon rush had already started. Since the facility was on the south side, we had to slog through the mess that is the Capital City Freeway. It would have been worse going the other direction. A further delay ensued when a power outage took out a major intersection's traffic lights, causing more of a backup. The shop closes at 4 PM, and we got there just after 3:30....

...Only to discover that the power outage that killed that traffic light also affected that business park. They put up a sign in the window saying that they started their weekend early. Our trip was a waste. Groan.

Well, it wasn't a complete waste. After another hour to drive ten miles back up to the other side of town, we visited my sister at the long-term-care facility. She gets so few visitors, and I make a point of stopping by anytime I can. We spent half an hour with her before they delivered her dinner. Then Lisa and I got back on the highway and headed for home, stopping in Auburn for dinner ourselves.

The rain was a little less bad this evening, but driving it in the dark made it worse. I simply slowed down a lot. I'm happy for people in more of a hurry than me to get on with it. Rain-slickened mountain highways with the first big storm of the season on top of a summer of accumulated road oil? They can have it. But it did mean that we did not get home until around 10 PM. I'm sure glad I have no early-morning commitments on Saturday.
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