Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

No Free Lunch

Leaving the RV in the Bay Area and traveling back and forth via train is actually cheaper on gasoline cost alone than driving the Rolling Stone back and forth, but it's not completely free. I had to spend $20 today to dump the holding tank at one of the few places I know in the Bay Area open to the public for such things. If I weren't planning on staying down here for two more weeks (after being at home next week), I would have waited until I was on my way home. Although the free dump station in Wadsworth has now been closed (and doesn't look to ever reopen), I can dump at the Pilot truck stop in Lodi Junction for only $7.50. Also, Lisa is working on modifications to the sewer connection for the travel trailer that will allow me to dump the RV tank at home without too much inconvenience.

This RV-living thing is much cheaper than renting a room or a hotel, but it's still not free. Nevertheless, I may well
"commute" between the Bay Area and Fernley by train several more times over the next few months, if I can sort out a place I can park it in Fremont. The Fremont/Centerville train station has parking for "train users only," but whether that applies to what I'm doing or is only intended for people using the train every weekday for commuting, I haven't quite figured out.

In any event, I would like to get the RV home again for a while. It needs cleaning and servicing of consumables.
Tags: rolling stone, rv

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