Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wet Wood

I've managed to move a few more wheelbarrow-loads of wood from the Mountain of Mis-Dumped Wood. Lisa has done most of the moving, though. While I've been in the Bay Area, she used the large number of pallets we've accumulated over the last year to set up a base and back (and even an end) to rack the wood on the "dog run" (concrete slab on the back side of the house. This is good because it lets air circulate around all sides of the piled wood. Then she moves wood a little bit at a time each day. I moved some yesterday myself. I'd like to do more, but I've been working basically dawn-till-dusk on Day Jobbe most of this week.

Today, however, it rained almost all day. That soaked everything because we have no provision for covering the wood pile yet. However, being Fernley and a desert, it will dry out eventually, and once we have all of the wood moved, I anticipate that we'll cover it with plastic sheeting to keep what rain (and snow) we do get off the pile.

The mountain of wood is more than half moved. Once we get it all inside the fence line, we can tack the chain link fence back into place until we decide what to do about a gate.
Tags: house, lisa, wood

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