Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Worldcon Wi-Fi Junkies

Loathe as I am to drive people out of the convention's hotel room block -- if we underperform on the room block, it will cost the convention a boatload of money om attrition fees! -- but it appears that the Clarion Hotel, which is a half-block further away from the Anaheim Convention Center than the convention's two main hotels, appears to offer free wi-fi to their guests. Competition again. I reckon if the Marriott and Hilton perceive that the Clarion is siphoning off their business for that reason, they might eventually make the wi-fi free. But it won't help us much.

I just wanted to let people know this because if not having a free internet connection is the sole determinant of whether you will be able to attend L.A.con IV or not, I'd hate to see you bail just for that reason. (Besides, if you bail, the con loses the room-nights anyway.)

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