Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Calling In London

My flight from SFO was lightly loaded, so I had the middle 3 seats in my row of the 777 to myself. I even managed to lie down across those seats,  although I'm taller than they are wide, so I had to fold a bit. I may have had 5 hours sleep during the flight.

All else today went swimmingly. I have my penthouse room at the Holiday Inn Camden Town, and have seen nice views of London.

Tomorrow the train to Paris leaves fairly early,  and I think I've stayed up late enough that I can call it a night now.

I'll have connections through my phone when I can get WiFi,  but that is all. And my photos I took from the hotel balcony don't seem to want to upload. Don't count on hearing from me until I get back to California a week from today.

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