Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Business Meeting Fandom

So I traveled to Barcelona for an SF convention, and what did I make a point of setting aside two hours to do? Attend a business meeting of an organization in which I'm not allowed to vote because I'm not a European!

Yes, it's the Eurocon Business Meeting I sat in on it. It was interesting, but I can't help but think that they should have a look at some WSFS techniques, in particular unanimous consent for non-controversial items. I also see no point in explicitly calling for abstentions because anyone who doesn't vote has abstained regardless of whether they raised their hand when abstentions were called.

To the person who says, "We don't have rules that allow that," I say, "You don't have rules that forbid it, either!"

A couple less good things happened, both in the annoying-but-not-catastrophic category.  I couldn't find my blood glucose meter this morning. I last used it at London St Pancras and I think it might gave fallen out of my backpack. I can but another one when I get home if it doesn't turn up.

On the way back to the hotel from the convention facility, I though I'd withdraw some Euros,  because not everything is going to easily go onto my credit card. The machine rejected the transaction -- I may have miscalculated and exceeded the daily limit,  but wouldn't return my card! A helpful bystander called the support line, and a bank employee even came and looked in the machine, with no luck. I immediately went back to the hotel, reported the card lost ("retained by ATM" was actually an option on the form), and ordered a new one. Cheryl Morgan agreed to stake me with enough cash to get by for the weekend so I didn't have to do an expensive credit card advance, so I'll be fine. I'm not out any money, and not liable for any charges to the now lost card, which I think probably fell down into the guts of the machine.

Meanwhile,  I've had some good meals and good conversations, and I'm having a good time.  Perhaps it's just as well didn't bring the Day Jobbe computer,  because otherwise I'd probably be working on a late Friday afternoon sort of request from a coworker who I told on Monday I was going on vacation but apparently forgot.


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