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Pain in the Head

Astonishingly, the work I did last night did not need to be redone, and another project that looked like it would take all day took a last-minute turn for the better and only took thirty minutes. I still have things to complete, but they are "get them done over the weekend," not, "must be done by 5 PM PDT Friday."

The pain in my sinuses did not improve much, so it wasn't fatigue as I thought was possible. I called my doctor and they had an open slot for 3 PM, so, Spare the Air Day or not, I drove to Palo Alto this afternoon. He looked me over, told me that my diabetes control looks good (a few recent high readings to the contrary notwithstanding). I need to get back on the weight-loss trend I started after he first diagnosed me, when I lost sixty pounds quickly. I'm not running a fever, but it does indeed look like a sinus infection as an after-affect of that darn cold. He prescribed me a series of antibiotics and told me that if I was not better in a week to give him a call. (Of course I got the usual thing about taking all of the antibiotics even if I start feeling better, etc. I have no desire to help breed super-bugs; the ordinary kind are bad enough.) On the bright side, since I'd had my blood test a few days earlier than usual for my regularly-scheduled diabetes checkup a week from Monday, I can cancel that appointment, because we covered the necessary ground today.

I carefully made my way back home -- the swelling in my sinuses is affecting my balance, it seems -- and now plan to take up the study of the inside of my eyelids for an extended period. I've had about five hours sleep in the past three days, and it's time to pay the piper.

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