Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Some Good News

It does appear that replacing the transfer valve on the RV fixed the problem and stopped the Rolling Stone from pumping gasoline overboard instead of into the engine. I'll go pay my mechanic for the repairs today, and if I can manage to get away soon enough, will try to drive home today. However, as I'm still not completely on Pacific time, it's possible that I'll be too tired to drive home this afternoon, in which case I'll lay up at my company warehouse in Fremont and leave sometime tomorrow morning (likely quite early) when my body clock (which has been traveling west more slowly than I did) says it's time to go.

I enjoyed most of the past two weeks immensely. (I would have preferred to not lose my blood glucose meter, the cover to my luggage lock, or my ATM card, but none of these things ruined the trip.) However, I'll be glad to be home, where I get to spend two weeks sleeping in my own bed and living in my own house before getting ready for another two weeks away from home, splicing a trip to SMOFCon in early December.
Tags: rolling stone, rv, travel

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