Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Off to SMOFCon

Tomorrow morning at much too early an hour (but not quite as awful when you account for the time difference), I'm off to SFO to fly to Chicago for SMOFCon 34, the annual convention about organizing SF/F genre conventions. I'll be on two panels on Saturday and will be recording the Fannish Inquisition, which has been mercifully been split into "seated Worldcons/NASFiC" (afternoon) and "bids for SMOFCon and NASFiC" (evening).

Lisa is not coming, and has sent with me the smaller camera and lighter tripod. The small camera has only a built-in microphone, not the external connections that the professional P2 camera has. We've used it before, but we know the sound is not as good. On the bright side, it generates files directly into MP4 format, so as my time and bandwidth allow it, I will be able to upload the files without having to do any editing on them.

Do not expect uploads immediately after the events. I'm helping run (and playing in) the Probability & Statistics Seminar on Saturday following the Inquisition. Saturday is going to be very busy, and I suspect that I won't be in tip-top condition on Sunday. I will be very surprised if I get anything uploaded until next week when I'm back in the Bay Area. I fly back on Monday mid-day. It's possible (but I make no promises) that I'll be at BASFA next Monday night as well.
Tags: smofcon

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