Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

SMOFCon Day 1: Let's Play the Feud!

It was the first official day of SMOFCon 34, with programming in the afternoon and the official opening ceremonies in the evening, followed by socializing and fun, which in this case included a game show.

Fannish Feud at SMOFCon

In this case it was "Fannish Feud," base on Family Feud (UK: Family Fortunes). Example: "We surveyed 100 SMOFS and the top 5 answers are on the board. Here's the question: 'Name the best Hugo Award base.'" Two teams competed, and then two others, with the top two going on to play a "sudden death" round. The winner was the Worldcon 76 San José "Team Rainbow Unicorns," who received prizes courtesy of the Boston in Christmas 2020 Worldcon Bid.

There's a fairly extensive program going on. I'm on two items tomorrow afternoon, followed by my filming the seated NASFiC and Worldcons' Fannish Inquisition in the afternoon and the Bids in the evening. After the Inquisition is the Probability & Statistics Seminar. This afternoon we discovered that whoever took charge of the gaming chips (which I handed off at SMOFCon 33 in Fort Worth) never got them to Chicago, which threatened to scupper the tournament. However, Dave McCarty has offered to supply his personal chips, which we'll have tomorrow afternoon, and so the day is saved. Nevertheless, we need to find out what happened to the chips handed off in Texas last year, because they actually belong to SMOFCon, inasmuch as San Jose bought two boxes of the things for ongoing use.

On the fannish productivity side, I have filled two area head positions in my division (WSFS) for Worldcon 76 SJ (announcements later once we've filled them in the official staff list). Donald Eastlake III has agreed to be my deputy WSFS Business Meeting chair in Helsinki. That leaves me only one job left for Helsinki for which I need someone, and that's Sergeant-at-Arms.
Tags: game shows, smofcon, worldcon

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