Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

SMOFCon Day 3: And So It Ends

SMOFCon 34 ended a little bit earlier than one might normally expect because they had to be completely out of the wonderful Con Suite space this afternoon because it was booked for a different big event this evening, but it was still a good final day of the convention.

I attended the 10 AM panel on the evolution of modern SF/F conventions from the 1960s to the present before heading up to the annex off the Con Suite where Worldcon 76 San José was holding a staff meeting. This was a relatively low-key affair with no major issues to discuss. (After the meeting, I worked with Bobbi Armbruster filling in some of the fixed dates on the WSFS planning calendar.)

After the lunch break was a panel about the role of the modern "Fannish Inquisition" in SMOFCon and Worldcon. Apparently there are people who object to the name of these convention Q&A sessions because they think it's supposed to reflect the tortures of the Inquisition. I suggested that these are people who don't "get" Monty Python.

The "Fannish Inquisition" is as much a self-deprecating term as "SMOF" itself is. From comments posted to my Twitter feed regarding the Inquisition videos, there are people out there who think that convention runners must always be Serious Constructive Fans at all times, and that humor is totally out of place in such things.

The final item was the Feedback & Closing, the picture of which I took was out of focus so I'm not going to post it. After that, people who had flights left for the airport, although the weather today apparently kept many of them them there for many hours waiting for their flights.

Getting Snowy

It started snowing this morning, and by early evening, this was the view from my hotel room. As I understand it, the snow will stop tonight and thus I should be okay (cross fingers) for my mid-day flight tomorrow.

Watch Your Head

The weather was possibly a boon to fursuiters attending Midwest FurFest (a fur-suit sounds like a good thing to be wearing in a snowstorm), although as this sign attests, there are certain hazards in a certain low-ceiling area in the Crowne Plaza.

Many people staying over tonight headed out to dinner, but I stayed in the hotel with others. I wasn't up to it. The convention has caught up to me, and I am losing my voice. Right now I sound like Andy Devine.

The Dead Dog Party opened in a suite two floors below my room around 8 PM, and I went and spent about 90 minutes there before concluding that having had less than four hours sleep last night (thanks to the P&S Seminar and uploading Fannish Inquisition videos) plus the usual SMOFCon stuff has been too much for me. Besides, I need to pack stuff away for the trip home tomorrow. It's going to be tricky, as I have more with me now than with which I started, so I'm going to have to be very careful to not exceed my luggage weight allowance, and I'll probably have to wear my winter jacket onto the flight instead of putting it in my checked luggage.

Despite having talked my voice away and exhausted myself, I've enjoyed SMOFCon a great deal. I bought my membership to SMOFCon 35 this afternoon. They apparently have more than 50 members already. Save money and buy your membership at the opening $50 price. Next year in Boston!
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