Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rain or Shine, the Parade's Fine

I'm finding myself being quite domesticated and taking pleasure in small things, like walking down to the Wigwam restaurant-casino, having a good breakfast, and trying to win it back using the free-play coupons. Today I was successful, turning $10 of "house money" into $17 (the cost of my breakfast) cash before walking home by way of the post office, where I bought stamps for our holiday cards.

Storm A-Coming

I would not have been able to get home from the Bay Area today had I had to work through Friday evening down there. Or at least it would have been very difficult, with lots of accidents being reported in the Bay Area and heavy weather in the Sierra Nevada. As it was, while walking back from the Wigwam, I took this picture of the mountains north of Fernley dramatically lit with dark clouds moving toward us.

Late this afternoon, the weather moved in and started raining on us. Lisa and I went out to Big R and Walgreen's for some miscellaneous goods we've been putting off buying. On the way home, I saw that Main Street was lined with vehicles. As we neared downtown, I realized that today was the Fernley Christmas Parade, which was about to come down Main Street. (I assume they closed it off shortly after we came through.) We'd not seen it last year because we were still driving back from SMOFCon in Fort Worth when it happened. And apparently a little rain wasn't enough to postpone or cancel the parade.

Coming around the block to our house, I saw that we would get to see some of the parade without getting wet, because the parade was forming up on Front Street right in front of our house. Fortunately, we were able to squeeze by and park, and when 4 o'clock came, we saw Santa and Mrs. Claus climb aboard one of the fire trucks, the marching band form up and start playing, and the tail end of the floats come by our house as they headed for Main Street. We, however, went into the house where it was warm and dry. Maybe we're not showing sufficient civic spirit.
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