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Roof Wrap

Although we don't get a lot of rain here (<5 inches/year), we do get some, and the roof on the travel trailer appears to be leaking. As a temporary measure, at lunch today we ran down to Big R and got a 50-foot roll of 12-foot-wide plastic sheeting. While I worked at Day Jobbe this afternoon, Lisa worked on wrapping the roof of the trailer and tying it into place. As sunset neared, I went out and helped a little bit. I climbed up to the second floor balcony to take a photo of her work.

That's a Wrap

Sorry about the odd angle, but it was the only way I could figure out how to get the whole trailer into the shot from the balcony. Lisa used gaffing tape to make gromets in the plastic, then tied the plastic to various hard points on the frame of the trailer. She had to cut a hole in the plastic for the refrigerator's roof vent, but she sealed that up with more gaffing tape.

How this will fare in our (pretty common) high winds we do not yet know. However, this is only a temporary measure to simply keep rain off the roof. We're working on a project to get a permanent shelter in place here, but it probably won't happen until next spring when the weather warms up enough to where we can lay more concrete, since you shouldn't pour concrete in below-freezing weather.
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