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Wind, Then Rain

After a night of strong winds, an inspection of the travel trailer reveals that not one of the ropes holding the plastic sheeting failed. It does rattle a fair bit in the wind, though. Later today we should get the first strong rain (as opposed to light sprinkles) since we covered the trailer, so we'll see how well it keeps out leaks.

A "warm spell" (today's predicted high is 16°C) is about to end, with predicted temperatures well below freezing by Saturday. It's been relatively easy to keep the house warm during this "tropical break," but I reckon we'll have to stoke up the fireplace considerably as the temperatures fall. As it happens, though, it doesn't look like there will be much moisture making it as far as Fernley (although the Sierra Nevada may well get hammered with a big snowstorm), so we're not currently expecting any snow here at the house.
Tags: fernley, trailer, weather

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