Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Let It Sleet

It rained a fair bit by local standards last night. This morning, I dug ashes out of the fireplace on the theory that it was so damp out there that even if I spilled some hot ashes taking them to the ash can, it was unlikely to set the property on fire. After rebuilding the fire, I settled down to concentrating on Day Jobbe.

This afternoon, Lisa came in while I was working and said I should come look at the weather. "Is it snowing?" I asked.

"Not exactly," she said.

Into the Sleet

Although this morning's forecast called for clear-but-cold in the afternoon, we had sleet falling on Fernley. Not snow. These weren't flakes, but little frozen balls that bounced slightly. Here, a Union Pacific freight heads west as I stand under the shelter on the front porch. I also took a short video of what it looked like as the sleet started to intensify.

Here Comes the Sleet

Some of the sleet accumulated in unpaved areas including the field next to us. It was rather pretty, but cold. And it's going to be a lot colder than it was the last couple of days over the weekend, so we should expect some of this accumulated sleet to stick around.

As I composed this entry around 19:45, I listened to the BNSF local switch crew dealing with a frozen switch. Holding their hands on the switch lock wouldn't let it release, so they had to play a fusee (flare) over it to thaw it out sufficiently to let them get their train out of the Fernley "house tracks" and onto the main so that they could take their train back to Sparks. Not fun.

Tomorrow morning the weather will determine our plans. We have some ambitious plans, some less-ambitious ones, and ones that amount to, "Not in this weather." As the current forecast shows no precipitation for the next couple of days, I expect it will be one of the first two.
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