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CSI: Fernley

According to the news, today was the busiest mailing day of the year; not my favorite time to have to go to the post office. But we did, because there were package-too-large-for-box messages waiting for us. I also had to mail my nephew's Christmas card (his card having fallen out of the batch we mailed last week; fortunately it should still arrive in time). Because we didn't have a cash transaction, we were able to queue-jump to "pick up only," and collect two rather large boxes. One was a collection of railroad videos we ordered earlier this month. The other was the Mystery Box.

Bear Investigates

travelswithkuma says, "What's dis? Is it for fishings gears?" We told him it had nothing to do with fishing, or at least not the kind of fish that Bears likes.

Some twenty-plus years ago, I acquired a small hand-held vacuum cleaner, useful for cleaning around the office, or within the small confines of the travel trailer. Over the years, we acquired a lot of spare bags and filters for it. For most folks, a great disadvantage of this unit is that it is very noisy. For Lisa, though, this was a feature, not a bug, as it gives her a way to generate noise when she can't wear her tinnitus-blocking earpiece, such as when taking a bath or washing her hair. A couple of weeks ago, the motor quit. Finding a replacement would be difficult, but we found something on eBay that was close.

CSI: Fernley

This is a Sirchie Evidence Recovery kit, such as one might use to recover evidence at a crime scene. But the kit is built around the specific model of Mighty-Mini vacuum cleaner that Lisa wanted, so we had to buy the whole kit to get the piece we wanted.

The vacuum cleaner works, and now we have a whole bunch of extra attachments we probably will never need. Lisa had some hope that her Panasonic P2 video camera might fit into the case; alas, the case is just not quite deep enough for the camera to fit.

Lisa is happy with the acquisition.
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