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Thank Ghod I'm Working From Home

I am still working from home because, while I'm recovering, I'm still not well (once again I'll miss BASFA tonight, boo, hiss). I got an e-mail a little while ago saying that the building management at work knows the A/C isn't working and is trying to fix it. Yeow! In a modern office building (where you can't open the windows), in this heat, the building will be uninhabitable in minutes! If I had been in the office, I would have left and come home where I do have air conditioning.

Now I only hope it doesn't get so hot that my computers in the office don't shut down.

Update, 15:55: After getting the A/C restarted, one of the units blew out completely, and they closed the office. I only hope that (a) they don't shut the power down entirely and (b) my computers don't overheat. Mind you, California is now at a Stage II power alert, and if we reach Stage III (possible, says the California Independent System Operator), rolling blackouts may return to California after a several year absence. I've turned the temperature up on my own A/C here at home to do what I can while still staying reasonably cool.
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