Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Will I Stay or Will I Go

So apparently LiveJournal's owner has finally, ten years after buying the company, moved the data to their Russian servers. Whether this means they'll start interfering with content is unknown. I haven't decided whether to leave (in which case I'd move to Dreamwidth, since it's closest to LJ's system) yet. My life membership in LJ long since "paid out" and I'm sure that SUP (owner of LJ) wouldn't miss me, given that I was an inherited liability from when they bought the system from Six Apart, and they've had to provide me with paid membership rights without ever collecting any money from me.

Traffic on LJ surely has been quiet, though, given that some of my recent posts have made the top 25%, on some pretty trivial topics. I understood when I was being linked from grrm's LJ or mainstream media sources, but not posts about my mundane things like visiting railroad museums and the like.

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