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Backing Out of the Year

Lisa and I went into Reno/Sparks this afternoon to do our major grocery shopping for the week to come. There's a series of storms coming at us, with some rather scary looking weather projections starting late Monday. If things develop the way it looks like they might, it's going to be challenging for me to go back to the Bay Area as originally planned next weekend.

At first, we thought we'd have dinner in Reno, but the Peppermill's parking garage was so full that we decided that the restaurants would be jammed, so we simply finished up our grocery shopping and went home. After unloading the groceries, we decided to go out to dinner. Our first thought was the Black Bear Diner at the Fernley Nugget Casino, but the Diner had closed early for the holiday. We started to head for Denny's, but then decided to try the Ranch House Restaurant at the Silverado Casino, which was staying open until 10 PM and had several New Year's Eve specials that caught our eye. Lisa had the filet mignon and lobster tail and I had the prime rib and lobster tail. It was excellent (and far better than Denny's!), and I thank XPO Logistics for the dinner, as all but the tip was paid out of the balance of a gift card I received from the company as part of my 20-year thank-you present earlier this month.

We had a $10 free-play coupon from the Fernley Nugget (good tonight only), so we went there and played for a while, managing to convert the $10 of house money into $6 of real money. Lisa and I were by then feeling pretty tired, full from dinner (and thus not interested in the free cake), and we're non-drinkers (so the free champagne was not an attraction), so we decided to go on home a bit more than an hour before midnight. Maybe not that exciting, but it was still a pretty good night.

So long to 2016. I'm apprehensive about the year to come, hoping for the best but fearing the great uncertainty ahead of us all. But for now, we're throwing another log on the fire and staying as safe as we can. See y'all next year!

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