Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Here Comes the Snow

It started raining last night and rained most of today, albeit never that heavily (which is good because drainage here is poor, being an old lake bed and all that). Late this afternoon, as the light began to fade, the rain stopped.

Then the snow started. I'd just knocked off work for the day, and took a short shopping list from Lisa over to Scolari's, figuring that I'd better get it done right away, particularly as the forecast is for it to snow through tomorrow and if I didn't get out then, I might not want to try later. Snow wasn't yet sticking to the pavement as I made my way through what passes for Rush Hour here in Fernley (not nearly as intense as it was before Amazon closed their warehouse here).

Snow was just starting to stick to the less-traveled roads (like our street) as I got home. I swept the walk and then had dinner. After dinner, I had a look outside.

Here Comes the Snow

That's the front porch, where several centimeters of snow had already accumulated. Because going for a walk looked like a bad idea, I got out the broom and started sweeping the walk out to the travel trailer for post-meal exercise. Lisa, being more sensible, mostly stayed indoors, although I did need her help to find the bag of rock salt, which I put down on some of the known troublesome icy spots on the sidewalk.

Our little snowfall here is minor compared to what's happening up on Donner Summit, where I saw that Caltrans had closed I-80 at the Nevada state line westbound and Colfax eastbound. US-50 has been intermittently closed for avalanche control. Amtrak #6, the eastbound California Zephyr is running more than four hours late tonight. (The westbound this morning passed Fernley ten minutes early.) From the radio traffic, they're not likely to make any time, particularly as while I compose this entry I'm listening to a Union Pacific freight train stopped west of Fernley while the poor conductor had to walk the length of his train to inspect it due to a train-defect detector going off. The conductor could find nothing wrong, and fortunately the dispatcher gave the train permission to back up and collect the conductor so he didn't have to hike another mile in the snow up to the head end of his train.
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