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Kevin Standlee

Snowed In

Last night, I posted a photo of our front porch with the early results of the snowfall that began late last afternoon.

Front Porch Snow

Here's what it looked like this morning at about 7 AM. That's even after Lisa shoveled it clear in the wee hours of the morning because she couldn't sleep.

Fernley House Snow

She told me that the brooms were not enough and she had to start using the flat-blade shovel. At least with her work you could see where the sidewalk should be.

Digging Out

Snow was still falling as I started to clear the porch, but the pace was slowing.

Wood Box Accumulation

The wood box mostly kept the snow off of the wood. The larger supply of firewood is on the back side of the house, on the old dog run, covered in plastic, but I will draw from this supply for a day or so rather than wade through the snowdrifts.

Mushrooms in the Snow

These two "mushrooms" of snow are the ash can and ash bucket in which I move waste ash from the fireplace. It's been a few days since I last dug ash. It might have been interesting to have put hot ashes in the can last night to see if it stayed hot all night long.

Fernley House Icicles

Heat from the fireplace in the living room leads to icicles forming along the edge of the roof.

Trailer Icicles

Even bigger icicles formed on the plastic sheeting and ropes we used to cover the travel trailer. We knocked some of these down later because they're a hazard.

Fernley Snow

This was what the view across the vacant lot next door toward the Emerys plant and the railroad was this morning...

Fernley House in the Snow

...And here's approximately the opposite view, taken from that lot (I had to wade out into knee-deep snow to take it, but the snow was very powdery and dry, so it wasn't too bad.) later.

Vans in the Snow

In front of the house, the two big vans were covered in snow...

Snowbound Minivan

...while around back, the Astro similarly was covered. Lisa's small pickup lives in the garage. Later in the day, she fired it up and took it for a couple of spins around the block. It's a 4WD and wasn't bothered by the fact that our street hasn't been plowed or even very many cars driven on it. She wanted to make sure that if we did need to get out and about, we'd have at least one working vehicle in which it would be relatively safe to do so, albeit somewhat cramped and cold.

Fernley House in the Snow

Here's the view from the front of the house...

Fernley House in the Snow

...and from the back, from an angle I rarely shoot.

Because of how Fernley House is situated and because there are vacant lots on both sides of it, some people have the idea that we are far from the nearest habitation and that we live in some sort of solitary isolation apart from the trains. This is not so. We actually live in the old downtown of Fernley, as the next photos show.

Downtown Fernley in the Snow Downtown Fernley in the Snow

One block from the back gate of Fernley House is Main Street. These two photos are taken from the corner of Main and Center Streets, with the first looking east toward the junction of US-50A/95A, and the second looking west toward the new Fernley Burger House (which keeps closing before I can go try it) and the Wigwam Restaurant/Casino.

Later in the afternoon, I managed to record video of a passing train, which aside from the horn being blown for the benefit of another train crew working in the area was much quieter than usual, thanks to the muffling effect of the snow. I'd intended to shoot video of Amtrak going by, but it came by sooner than I expected and I missed the shot.

Trains in the Snow

Yep, there are some containers from my company in that train, most noticeably near the end as I pan to stay with the rear locomotive.

How much snow did we get? Here's the evidence, taken from the top of the wood box, but I measured comparable depths at other places around the property.

Overnight Snow Accumulation

The angled roof makes it hard to see, but the accumulation was about 20 cm (about 8 inches). In some places, like the field next door where the tumbleweeds facilitate build-up, drifts were higher, possibly 50-70 cm.

This snow was pretty fluffy with low moisture content. Snowballs won't hold together, and we can't make a snow-bear the way we did the last time we had a storm of this magnitude, several years ago. No more snow is forecast for a couple of days, but the temperatures are expected to be below freezing for a while, so the snow isn't going away except where direct sunlight heats things up.

I cleared the sidewalks mostly, and laid down ground absorbent on the porch and in some of the icier spots on the sidewalk. I'd use salt (not on the wooden porch, of course), but I used the last of the 2.5 kg bag we bought a couple of years ago last night and don't feel up to walking through the snow to Big R to buy another bag.

Thank goodness I'm working from home. I shared some of these photos with my co-workers to explain why I don't expect to be traveling anywhere soon, especially with more storms heading toward us.

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