Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Ring Thing

Lisa and I aren't wearing our wedding rings anymore.

Lisa's joints are a bit swollen, to the point that her ring started getting painful, and she was only just barely able to get it off using lots of soap. I'm going the other way, having lost some weight. My ring keeps falling off.

Today was the last straw. I walked up to the Wigwam Restaurant/Casino as is my wont on the weekend when I'm at home. I was multiply bundled up, including double gloves. When I de-kitted at the restaurant, I found that my ring wasn't on my finger. I retraced my steps through the snow home, thinking possibly that I'd left it on my bedside dresser. (I've been taking it off at night anyway because it was falling off at night.) No ring. So I headed back to the restaurant, carefully checking the snow along my route in case somehow I'd managed to drop it off along there, although it seemed impossible. When I got back to the Wigwam, I checked carefully around the area where I de-kitted, and spotted the ring. It must have slipped off when I removed my outer glove. (The inner glove is a fingerless glove I was wearing as a liner.) I was very relieved, but I also concluded that I simply can't risk wearing it anymore.

So what do do? Our rings were machined out of a block of titanium, and are not amenable to being resized. Lisa and I decided that the safest thing to do was to entrust both of our rings to travelswithkuma, who is now our Ring Bear-er. He's wearing the rings on the chain on which he wears the dogbeartag we bought him at the air museum in Madras on our Westercon trip last summer.

It feels odd not having my ring on my finger during the day, but we reckon that this is for the best.
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