Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Old Home Day

This morning, Lisa and I made a leisurely drive up to Dobbins where my mother lives. I've never been to the place she's helping restore — or rather, I had no memory of it. Mom says I'd been there with her for a short time back in the 1970s. She also couldn't describe how to get to it, so I had to drive to the Dobbins general store and call her so she could drive down and lead us to the place.

Mountain House

Buried deep in the core of this rambling building is apparently an old stage stop on a road through the Sierra Nevada. (The road running through here has the look of such an old stage route.) She showed me some of the remaining pieces of the stage house, now part of the kitchen. Over the years, it has been built in all directions. When I got here, I started to get some recollection of the very short time I lived with my mother here.

Mountain House

Lisa and I were much taken by the living room with its splendid ceiling beams. The fireplace keeps the living room very comfortable with the fan built into the chimney.

We spent an hour visiting with my mother and taking care of a bit of business that needs my physical presence every six months for some paperwork. We would have liked to have stayed longer, but I really didn't want to drive on CA-20 into the mountains after dark. We headed up to Grass Valley/Nevada City. Although we couldn't stop for long, we stopped briefly at the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum, which I've seen from the freeway before and wanted to confirm where it was. The volunteers did let us know that there was a popular film festival in GV/NC this past weekend, which explains why we couldn't get a hotel room here. We're going to have to come back down here in the summer. There is a nearby hotel that is actually connected to the museum by a short train ride, which sounds like our kind of place.

We did get out out of the bad part of the drive (the narrow, twisting sections of CA-20), over Donner Summit (lots of fog up top) and into Reno before dark. Initially, we planned to have dinner and do our major grocery shopping; however, I was very worn from a drive over wet and somewhat doubtful roads, and Lisa was tired as well, so we elected to just go straight home. If we decide that we need a large shopping trip this week, we can run into Reno after work on Monday or Tuesday before the next set of storms hits the area.

The weather really was quite good, but of course we probably wouldn't have made the trip otherwise. I'm glad we got one window here in January to do so, and I'm glad I got to see the house on which Mom is focused. Like Fernley House, it needs lots of work, but she certainly seems happy to be there.
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