Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Welcome to Sea-Tac

I did manage to get on a much earlier flight out of Oakland -- one that was not only much less crowded, but also one that was actually ten minutes early arriving into Seattle. hazelchaz was on the flight, along with library_lynn, and I invited them to come over to the hotel with me when CascadiaCon's rep collected me from the hotel.

Turns out that the hotel's wireless in the lobby is not free, but instead costs $9.95/day. I even sprung for the more-expensive $12.95/day version that was supposed to support my VPN connection -- but it doesn't.

The hotel has a large parking garage, but no oversize vehicle parking. (Or rather, the only way to get to the spaces in which over-height vehicles could park is to go through the parking garage.) Lisa is driving her van up from Oregon, and even with the antennas down, it wouldn't fit into the garage. But one advantage of being here early is being able to work on these things. I spoke with the hotel, and they agreed to set aside one of the small number of spaces in the front parking lot (usually exclusively for valet) for us. So now I get to hang out here in the hotel lobby and wait for Lisa to arrive.

Registration is not yet open, and I look fannish enough, so people have been coming up to me and asking questions like "where is Registration?" The exhibits area isn't ready for setup yet (or at least it wasn't when I last checked), and Lisa has about half of the exhibit material anyway, so I'm just hanging loose here for now. I was joined at lunch by fr_john, and we sat and chatted in the lobby for a couple of hours and fielded "where is function X?" questions. John suggested to one person that they should ask one of the people running around looking a bit more harried than us. I'm trying to take it as easy as I'm capable of doing.

I managed to get the outline of my GoH talk typed up on the flight up from Oakland. Tonight I will try and expand it into a talk and see if I can fit twenty-one years into forty-five minutes.
Tags: cascadiacon, nasfic

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