Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

That Wood Do It

With the supply of firewood down to maybe 1 cord or slightly more, we've been concerned about what we will do for heating. Big R no longer can get the "fencepost" Douglas fir logs; however, they now have North Idaho Energy Logs, which are essentially compressed sawdust, but without any binders or additives. (Therefore, you must keep them dry, or they'll melt.) After Lisa confirmed that the utility trailer is roadworthy (at low speeds, due to the old tires), this afternoon, we went to Big R and bought a pallet of the logs. They take up less space than the equivalent of the Douglas Fir "fenceposts," but they're denser and claim that they will burn longer and cleaner than their equivalent in cordwood. Because they can't be allowed to get wet, we had to make room in the garage to stack them. Also, because they are round, they don't actually stack that easily. (The pallets are shrink-wrapped and banded to hold the logs together. But we did manage. And now we have the first of the firelogs burning on the fireplace tonight. If this works out, it will be a relief to know there's a place about 1 km away where we can get a load of firewood that Lisa and I can unload in an afternoon.
Tags: lisa, wood

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