Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Way to Go, Roger!

While in Reno yesterday afternoon, I put down a $20 bet on Roger Federer to win the Australian Open men's singles title against Rafael Nadal. Odds on Roger to win had opened at even, but by the time I placed my bed he was a slight underdog at +115, meaning every $1 bet would pay $1.15. Thus my $20 bed would pay $43 should Federer win.

I set the alarm for 12:30 AM and went to bed as early as I could manage, because I wanted to see the match live. I think that, given Roger and Rafa's ages and relative points in their careers, this is pretty likely the last time we'll see the two of them matched against each other in a grand slam final.

It was a good match, going back and forth, with neither player really showing dominance. Nadal has had the edge on Federer for some time now, but I had a feeling that Roger was going to make the magic happen one more time. When each player's concentration slipped in the third and fourth sets, the match went to a decisive fifth set. I admit to having my faith waver a bit when Roger lost his server early in the final set, particularly because it would mean he'd have to break Nadal twice to win the match (there being no tie-breaker in the decisive set at the Australian Open), but Roger did manage to come back and win the final set and thus the match. It was certainly a much closer match overall than the women's final the previous night between the Williams sisters.

Roger Federer has now extended his record of the most grand slam titles (18). He sort of sounded like he was saying, "If this is my last trip here, thank you all for the journey."

Thus ends another Australian Open and thus I can get back to a more normal sleep schedule. I did put in a bunch of entries for a contest to win a trip to next year's tournament. I know it's mid-summer and crowded and hot, but I'd still like to go, particularly if someone else is paying for it!

The next time I am in Reno, I will go collect my $43 winning ticket from the Atlantis. As a coda to my good fortune gambling, this morning I won my breakfast from the Wigwam Restaurant/Casino again, using a free-play coupon and not being greedy when my winnings from the $10 free play totaled the $14 I'd paid for breakfast.
Tags: tennis

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