Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Cool, Glorious Cool

Last night, the cool breezes began to blow, and I could once again turn off the air conditioning and open my windows. While I feel fortunate that I have air conditioning, so I was spared the worst effects of this heat wave, I really don't like having to keep it turned on round-the-clock to keep the house habitable. The air gets stale, in my opinion. Today, I was able to keep all the windows open and put a box fan in one room pointed out, which drew lots of cool air into the house.

My sister, Kelli, called today from Yuba City, where she lives. If you think it was hot in the Bay Area, try the Central Valley. My grandfather was a prisoner in his living room, that being the only room of the house that has air conditioning, and he hates it. My sister is getting by okay. I told her, "I ordered up a bunch of sea breeze for you. I felt them go by last night, so with any luck you'll have it by tomorrow."

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