Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Awaking from Hibernation

Having completed everything expected of me for now, I fell into bed before 7 PM, maybe earlier -- I lost track of time. I heard bits of the last couple innings of the Giants-Pirates game -- can't blame that loss on Benitez, folks -- and then was completely off to sleep for at least twelve hours. Dreams of work chased me out of bed around 7 AM -- remember that I'm partially running on Eastern Time due to having to be up to work with the Virginia Team so much.

I have very little planned for today other than resting, although I do need to get out and take a walk. I had yet another >200 blood sugar reading yesterday from a typical, not-especially-big breakfast, and it's clearly caused by getting no exercise at all. Even the minor amount of exercise involved in driving to my office is apparently better than eating a bowl of cereal at my home office desk and then sitting there moving nothing but my fingers on the keyboard.
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