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Hugo Disappointment

Although Lisa was not planning on nominating very much for this year's Hugo Awards, because she has not seen or read very much, she was nevertheless quite disappointed to receive today her copy of the 2017 Hugo Awards ballot, mailed with her progress report from Helsinki on February 13. I assume that Worldcon 75 did not make arrangements for mailing from the US as some past non-US Worldcons have done. In any case, it's too late. There is no way Lisa could have filled out a ballot and got it in the mail fast enough to make the deadline, which is Friday. And no, she won't fill out a ballot online, on principle. Besides, because she doesn't have e-mail, the only way she could have done an online ballot would have been to read her choices to me for me to fill in to a ballot on her behalf.

If the stats come back with an announcement that "there were no paper ballots," this mailing schedule might be the reason why.
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